From a quiet world…

In a world with so much noise is there room for anymore?

In the past 100 years we have developed from a world with communication by telegraph, post and telephone to radio, TV and fax. And now, we have the internet and the rise of social media.

We had delayed two way communication between family, friends and business and one way from government and royalty.

TV and radio bore the beginnings of celebrity – however slow at the beginning, creativity and storytelling had a new outlet – it had a route to the masses which could take place simultaneously and not individually. People could listen and watch together, it allowed many across the country to experience the same thing, at the same time.

As interest in the people on screen grew and technology developed, the public began to want more. Newspapers supplied the masses with what they wanted and gossip which once lived in pump rooms, assemblies and parks had a space on pages which could be kept and passed around.

After years of a comfortable media existance technology jumped again and the internet and mobile phones became available to everyman – communication became instant.

Still one way from business or media to the public – as the world wide web gave a new platform for old means! But, friends and family found new ways to keep in touch – no longer waiting for days for post. Chatrooms also made way for strangers to meet across borders as geography became irrelevant.

And now, with the social media era we have more channels than ever before, more means and ways of speaking to people from all walks of life. The masses can reach key figures from the realms of politics, TV/ film and music and everyone can be someone, promoting and supporting those who may never have been found.

We have become a world where everyone can have a say and everyone thinks they should. With so many looking to make their opinion, talent or selves known may be running out of room?

But, there you are searching through the noise and just as you think there is too much shouting, you find something like the Dark Side of the Lens and are reminded of the peace, the power and the potential of all things.