PR and SEO come together

In the evolution of communications PRs and SEOs seem to be at the forefront of change. Both coming from separate and in some cases entirely opposite standpoints the practices of each discipline are helping each other. SEOMOZ shared an example last week of an SEO sharing an infographic in much the same way as a PR shares a press release and photo opportunity.

As bloggers are journalists in their own right online supplying information in a friendly, professional and interesting manner is going to become more and more important for the circulation of your clients information. The more creatively the information is presented may mean the difference between widespread coverage and one or two pieces.

Infographics really are one of the best ways to go.


Social Media background

Here I am researching the history of social media and the different mediums that can and are used and I’ve come up with a huge amount of facts, figures and top tips.

The research I’ve been doing backs up my first post, but also shows the huge potential that individuals, the media and businesses can now take advantage of.

Here’s the background

It has been reported that by December 2010 there were 255 million websites live on the internet ( and there must be more now. All of those are trying to gain the attention of the user…so does your website stand out?

We live in a world where there are many means of standing out but they also supply many opportunities to make mistakes and spread yourself too thin.  Social media and all of the tools within supply a fantastic platform but who is involved.

Here’s a video by Socialnomics09 that show’s just how much social media has exploded into our lives over recent years.

So, how do we use it to a business advantage…?