The power of a name

I have always loved the Bond films and as with everyone else I have my favourite.

The idea that one man is near to indestructible and ends up in all means of situations is fantastic storytelling – Mix that with humour, intense action scenes and stunning scenery plus good casting and you have a franchise which has kept generations of viewers happy for 40 years.

I have always been interested in the different actors playing the same character and the way they take on the persona to portray one man in entirely different ways. It is a fantastic tribute to Fleming to have invented something that can be developed and adapted with time.

The Telegraph commented on the many guises of Bond in A geeky, metrosexual James Bond? Why Ian Fleming’s hero is so malleable.

I have another interpretation – I always thought ‘James Bond’ should be part of the code name along with 007. So the best agent became James Bond meaning the man would always change but the name would stand!

And, as we know – the power of a name is a very powerful thing indeed!