Some simple tips we all forget

In a way this is a bit of a moan, in another its just a few pointers for everyone to remember … Including me.

Something that always amazes me is the caliber of writing that is submitted for review and included on blogs.

Amongst the usual proof reading, editing and planning I have been doing a lot of research into blogs recently and I’m shocked by what is published. Let’s just say that there is a reason not all of us are journalists.

Here are a few things I have noticed that will help with any peice of writing, including CV’s and personal statements.

No matter what we write, we need to remember a few simple rules:

  1. Know your audience (who are they, where are they?)
  2. Know what you aim to achieve
  3. Ask yourself, what does your audience want to know (not what do you want to tell them)
  4. Know how your target audience likes to see/find out information (do they like to read copy, watch a video or scan a few bullet points?)

Finally, on an elementary level … please remember:

  • Spell check – in English in England and US in America (and please check for any z’s in words like organise)
  • Check your grammar
  • Don’t over use punctuation – (A colleague of mine hates exclamation marks if not used for surprise, others may feel the same)