How businesses can use social media

Ok, so after reviewing the basic facts and background of social media lets look at how it can be used.

As any marketeer knows communicating to consumers and communicating to businesses is very different and the same rules apply when using social media tools.

The main mediums are: twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, facebook and blogs but they aren’t all relevant for business comms.

twitter is used to disperse information, YouTube and Flickr to host the content, LinkedIn for employees and the business itself to showcase its expertise and blogs to collect it all in an alternative space to a corporate website. Facebook is on the whole a method for communicating with consumers so should be thought about carefully.

All mediums give a company the opportunities to let their audience behind the scenes and see the real people behind the corporate image. All the while showing off their expertise and capabilities.

It important to look at all the options and relate these to your business and your strategy – are they relevant? The same issue was raised by Mike Jeffs in his blog last week, where he also included an article by econsultancy – “Why your best social media strategy might be not having one.” – the article details the risks involved with adopting a social media presence for a brand and is something all companies should consider.