All change.

A quiet few months

Over the past few months I may have seemed quiet on the blog front but have been very busy on the living front – amongst other things I’ve been getting to grips with being allergic to light and also managed to change jobs.

Moving from a small agency of 8 people to an inhouse company with thousands worldwide and hundreds in the UK is an eye opening experience – at least my team is still small!

I’ve also jumped sectors and industries moving from consumer tourism and leisure to B2B materials handling. I can now say I know one end of a forklift from the other and defitnatley know a pallet truck and a reach truck when I see one.

In coming weeks there will be discussions about consultancy versus inhouse, consumer versus b2b, online versus offline and online strategy versus guidelines – a whole host of subjects that I have been experiencing from both sides.

It’s been a busy few months but I had a plan when I finished uni and how many people can say they are exactly where they planned to be at exactly the time they wished for it?