So, I’m allergic to light…

First signs

During Feburary or March 2011 I suddenly started going bright red after being in sunlight for a few minutes…

Affects of sunlight  My GP was quick on the uptake when it came to diagnosing some kind of photosensitivity, many goes years without a diagnosis so having this much was a success.

What happened next

The only thing I knew to do was stay out of the sunlight and stay covered up – not great during one of the hottest springs ever. I also started taking antihistamines but only in a low dose and these did not work.

I also managed to run the York 10k in aid of the MS Society in full cover – excluding a hat which I later regretted!

The hospital see me

In October I went to the hospital for the first time and recieved light testing – torture for me but apparently boring for most people.

You sit in a chair for 2 hours while they shine different strengths of light on your back – unfortunately I reacted to all but one line of tests – I have a new diagnosis at least.

And now

I’m the hospital teams favourite patient as I’m so rare – I have 2 photosensitive conditions and have further symptoms afterwards, which include feeling very very ill  – like having flu.

I’ve attended a regional meeting of dermatologists and now I’m taking antihistamines and waiting for my next appointment – some say it may just disappear… it may not.

So now I’m helping the British Skin Foundation however I can.

My dedicated blog following my experiences is now live – This will give you lots of information on the condition and how it affects my life on a day to day basis. Please take a look and follow the link to support the British Skin Foundation.


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