As a creative person I love to turn inspiration I see in a single object into something else that can be interpreted differently by others. As I can’t draw, make or play music I write.

On the whole I write poetry and the inspiration for this can come from anywhere. I have no clue why and how I found out I could write – I just write as I think and that’s how it comes out…

I was once given a hard back notebook by a friend and told to use it to keep all my poems together but only write in it with a parker pen (also supplied). I was 15 and I have continued to write each finished version in the book – only using a parker pen!

If you were to read it, it tells an interesting story of growing up, life, love and moving on – it has become a story of my life and when complete, will be given back to the friend who supplied it.


I have to admit I have a slight obsession with film. I love watching what people do to portray different stories / or the same one in a different way. Films evoke memories as music does for many others and I am renowned for walking in to HMV and coming out with 5 or more DVDs.

I believe we should support our creative industries and those who work within them so that Britain can keep exporting amazing talent.

In the same way I’m not one for shopping for DVDs or CDs on Play or Amazon – I would much rather shop in store and browse the shelves.


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